Popcorn, stir fry, cocoa

Dinner tonight.

Popcorn, with sesame seed oil and too much salt. Building upon my recent (2 day old) obsession with dark toasted sesame seed oil, and sesame seeds in general. I avoided sesame seed oil because I thought I might have inherited an allergy. Twelve hours after delicious pepper and onion noodles, I replaced my daily dark chocolate with halva to prove to my cool trainers office friend that I am not addicted to chocolate.

Halva, which is totally different from Indian halwa, is sesame seeds and honey. It had the consistency of wet soan papdi or maybe the inside of a Butterfinger. Don’t quote me, I know the last candy bar I ate was a Mars bar, and it was at before the Come to Jesus Allergy Diet of ’09.

Having not died from sesame seed consumption, we soldiered on.

Broccoli from Marks & Spencer, since the market broccoli is kept in a styrofoam cooler over melting ice and seems dodgy. Half a crown, with a can of water chestnuts from my last Wing Yip excursion. The usual seasoning: garlic, ginger, red pepper, fish sauce, marmite. No sugar, or rice vinegar, since I am rationing the last dredges of the supermarket bottle. Ate at least a third of it out of the wok.

I also made a pot of black and brown rice, which is more like sticky purple rice, to have some starch with lunch tomorrow. Am keen to make a creamy rice pudding with this black rice, and add big pomegranate seeds to finish, maybe with mint. The colours would be gorgeous.

Dessert, which is unusual, is a cup of hot cocoa made with coconut milk, cardamom and rice milk. The coconut milk, made from creamed coconut in boiling water, and cardamom combination is grainy and overpowers the cocoa mixture. I had to add plain cocoa to hot milk and mix with honey to compensate. Also needed some vanilla; since I am out, and broke, I added Cointreau instead.


About tara

Often heard to refrain "I left San Francisco for this?" Formerly homeschooled. Living the dirt-poor post-student expat life in various non-urban areas of England's North. Sanity preserved by cooking yummy foods for a multiple allergy diet.
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