Library run: 3/14/2011

Returning a small batch of library books today.

Home Truths: the Peel Years and Beyond (anthology)
Mildly interesting slices of life previously broadcast on the BBC. Not at all challenging.

When it changed (anthology)
Great sci-fi concept with some standout stories. As always I enjoyed Ken MacLeod’s work. The most interesting piece for me was ‘The Moss Witch’ by Sara Maitland, great blending of a folk tradition with sci/fi, maintains a real eeriness. I loved the pairing of the science practice, and the generally positive and supportive tone from the science writers.

The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)
Grabbed but found I wasn’t interested in fantasy retellings this month.

In Search of Total Perfection (Heston Blumenthal)
I wanted a food book, and have succeeded in completing pretty much the entire food history/culture section at the library. Now slightly desperately grasping onto books-from-the-show. Not quite at the cookbook phase yet. I think I probably would have enjoyed the TV series, but as a book it falls flat, especially as I’ve got no desire to follow the “perfected” recipes.

The Popularity Rules (Abby McDonald)
Lady, you got your message in my chick lit. I’m not reading fun and fluffy to have an uplifting feminist message. No, I’m reading it for the makeover scene, the easily surmountable obstacles and getting the hot guy in the end. The book started out well, but the ending failed to deliver; even the “girls together, feminism yeah” message was really diluted. It felt like McDonald just ran out of steam. To be fair, I started flagging at about the time she seemed to start getting bored. It took me almost a week to finish this book. Poor form indeed!

Last Call (Tim Powers)
When did Tim Powers get so difficult to read? Loved Declare. Loved Anubis Gates. Loved On Stranger Tides. That’s it in my litany of ships, but I have everything of his that I have picked up, so far. I can’t say I dislike Last Call, but it wasn’t as fast-paced as I might have liked, and I couldn’t help make unfavourable (and unfair) comparisons to American Gods.


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Often heard to refrain "I left San Francisco for this?" Formerly homeschooled. Living the dirt-poor post-student expat life in various non-urban areas of England's North. Sanity preserved by cooking yummy foods for a multiple allergy diet.
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