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Bacon Avocado Pizza

AKA the best pizza in the universe. I’m not kidding when I say I can live on bacon and avocado pizza. In fact, in South Africa I do. It’s the single greatest combinations of flavours on a cheese-less pizza. Fat, … Continue reading

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Delicious dairy-free tuna noodle casserole

Even though I can’t have milk, I still crave creamy, carby comfort foods. While mac & cheese is still a pipe dream, one dish which I’ve become pretty good at is an updated oven-baked tuna noodle casserole. My tuna noodle … Continue reading

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Clean house, can’t fail

We might not have a dog, but we’re more than ready chez nous. The landlord came round last night to talk about the possibility, and to do a walkthrough. Cue house cleaning so fierce it needs its own montage and … Continue reading

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16 & Pregnant vs. Underage & Pregnant

I love the BBC. In the pie chart of reasons why I moved to the UK, it’s a colour you would see right away. There’s Doctor Who and Masterpiece Theatre-destined exports, and crazy docu-series, including high-brow versions of trashy American … Continue reading

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Does no more shuttles mean no more Space Camp?

Obviously bingeing on NASA-related content this weekend with the Atlantis launch/space exploration wake. It’s overall been depressing, but a bright spot is the lovely retrospectives. Slate jumped in with an adorable picture essay on Space Camp which got me googling … Continue reading

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The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Aloo Kofta

Now that we’re back from the wedding, I’m getting to the important business of cooking from my new cookbooks. I’m on a bit of a meat hangover from South Africa; it’s not a complaint, but after three weeks straight of … Continue reading

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